VR China Modify Guide(EN)

1.  Purpose:  Due to China market does not have VR 3D home/ Oculus Store App , Oculus SDK developed VR Apps, Recently only can be showed under Oculus Homepage, if you want the app can be shown under  mobile phone home screen or galaxy apps like a normal Android app that can easy to be used by user directly click.  Please change your code as below.

Edit:  <category android:name="android.intent.category.INFO" />

  Change to be

<category android:name="android.intent.category.LAUNCHER" />

       This changing can ensure the icon can be shown under Android home screen, but also need to be verified that it can work well under Oculus platform,


2.  Purpose:  Due to China market does not have 3D home; we provide manager software where customer can download the 3D content from. Now we need you add some contents such as image to your APK in order to your app icon can be shown under the software.


     VR APP image standard:

-      Wide : 360 pixel , high : 120 pixel, 24bit  nontransparent PNG image.

-      The path of icon : "res/drawable-%/".

-      Image name : small_landscape_360x120.png  (must be same).

     -   create “Plugins” folder under “unity Assets” folder then create “Android “folder under “Plugins” folder, after that create “res”folder that will be released in APK under “Android “folder then create relevant “drawable” folder under“res”folder , finally put all files into the folders is ok.

-      If there is localization area, you can put them to the localization directory, if the icon is French version, put the things under the path of “drawable-fr”.

 -      if the icon has been set, there only showed the icon image, if the icon has not been set or loading failed, then only displayed the app’s name, (the image will be blank) , so please let the app’s name to be easy understand.


The procedures of registering app to Galaxy app store.

1.  Register to be a developer of Galaxy app store in the website: http://seller.samsungapps.com

2.  Upload the app following the requirement of Galaxy app store.

3.   Due to the Gear VR app is different from other normal Android app, please pay more attention to the following options.

1.     Click Add new app and choose Android.

2.     Sales country == China

3.     Device == 7 WQHD resolution devices (S7, S7 edge, S6, S6 edge ....   )

4.     Category == Gear VR (if the previous steps are all correct, this field is filled automatically)

For other fields, please following the requirement to fill is ok.